Klimp® your Crate


For more than 60 years, Klimp® Fasteners have been the total packaging solution for returnable and knock-down containers.



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Klimp fasteners dramatically cut cost

  • Ship, store and return six flat panels in a fraction of the space.
  • Repeated shipments reuse the same crating again and again.
  • Shipment of the replacement items, requiring the return of the replaced unit for rebuilding can be made with the same undamaged crating.
  • Quick and easy “same day” by single carton or truckload.



Klimp® Crate Fasteners

Klimp Crate Fasteners fit all lumber sizes.  Use Klimps in place of nails on standard size boxes, with or without milled or routed slots.


Specifications and Fit Tolerances

Klimp’s “Flex-Tight” Design accommodates a range of fit tolerances.  Klimp Fasteners work with standard cleat lumber sizes.   Find your  minimum and maximum dimensions for your box design here.

Shipping Crate Designs

Crates made with Klimp Fasteners save money and reduce assembly time and labor.


Klimp® containers turn low cost panels into a reusable and cost effective shipping system.

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